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The following websites have put me in touch with kind hearts who have provided solace and kindness when so called friends and lovers say the awful words "It's just a cat", and when vets scowl at you if you don't euthanase the minute the FIP is confirmed. May these good folk help to take you from anguish to hope, TTFN
ask questions, get the latest news and practical help in the world of FIP - Fip cat support email list run by the amazing Marleen "Oscar Birman"
ask, share, rant, cry, pray and yes even smile together with other FIP affected people
I don't pray so I outsourced it :) No really - this was just so comforting to reach out and find a person who cares, who will take the time to write you the words that may choke a friend or family member who wants to comfort you but can't find the words; I am lousy with sympathy cards but thanks to FIP getting better at wording my good wishes or condolences for your furbaby. Rosann who took charge of praying for Mishka's recovery still corresponds by email. By the time she died I actually was in such good shape emotionally, though grieving I haven't yet returned to light a candle for her.
financial aide for vet bills
Humane Society tips on coping with the death of a pet

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