Drainage of FIP fluid

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She had her belly drained a week ago and barely got any fluid back. she also got an appetite stimulant and it worked wonders. we have her on PI (polyprenyl immunostimulant) and meloxicam.some folks do not like this treatment because of the risks, and there are risks, but Saber was in such bad shape we decided to try. if you could have seen her a few days ago compared to now you would be amazed. she is making an incredible recovery!! do not lose hope!!

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  1. I was reading about PI and the studies indicate it was used to treat non effulsive FIP. Above you indicated you had the fluid drained then put used PI and meloxicam. Since the studies indicate that PI has been used in cats with dry FIP, what made you decide to try it on you cat who seems to have wet FIP?


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